This work needs to be done in every single community across Canada because it is not just about it taking place in indigenous communities, it is about non- indigenous people seeing this work and understanding the breadth and scope of this history and if we can have an understanding of that through the eyes of indigenous people then people can start to open up their minds and hearts to perspectives that have perhaps gone unheard for many generations.

Children of God

If more attention was paid to our empathetic nature, perhaps the resulting echo could act as a ballast to keep us psychologically afloat. But today, as horrific “information” is thrust upon us to the point of saturation, it’s not surprising that a large number of people across the planet live with a kind of collective trauma.

This work of art about a community torn apart is an act of community engagement, prompting discussion as well as catharsis. In its compassion, its inclusivity and its spirit of inquiry, The Events is an act of resistance, — an act of love.

The Events


Creating the Story