Children of God


Miigwetch for bearing witness to Children of God. Urban Ink is deeply proud of this work—through it we hope we’ve invited you to reconsider indigenous history in this country. In this year when we recognize the 150th anniversary of confederation, Urban Ink strives to make space for exploration and discussion of our complicated shared history. If this production was meaningful to you, if you felt your perspective shifted, if you valued your experience, please consider becoming a donor to Urban Ink —we need your support.

Based in Vancouver and founded in 2001, Urban Ink creates, produces and presents original live performance works by Indigenous and Intercultural artists. Today, under the passionate artistic direction of Corey Payette, our company goes ever further, promoting intercultural understanding, igniting conversations from coast to coast, and celebrating the rich history of this land by bringing communities together in a national conversation that affirms diversity as a shared Canadian value.

It is a dream of ours to bring our production of Children of God to smaller communities around the province and throughout the country. Inviting rural voices into the conversation is a key part of engaging in our diversity. Showcasing stories like this for young people in small communities, enabling them to see a different future for themselves, to see how telling their stories in their voice can make a positive impact on the world around them: these are our grand aspirations.

We invite you to walk boldly with us into truths told in a new way. Your support of Urban Ink’s mission enables the performing arts to function in their unique way, engaging us all in conversations about who we are as Canadians – a complex, interdependent, multicultural society based on a strong foundation of Indigeneity.

Thank you for walking this path with us,

Corey Payette and Dawn Brennan
Artistic Director and Managing Director

“This work needs to be done in every single community across Canada because it is not just about it taking place in indigenous communities, it is about non- indigenous people seeing this work and understanding the breadth and scope of this history and if we can have an understanding of that through the eyes of indigenous people then people can start to open up their minds and hearts to perspectives that have perhaps gone unheard for many generations. In this video Corey gives some context around the story and the national relevance of this production that he spent seven years researching, writing and developing.”

Children of God – The Story – YouTube
Children of God

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